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Cooking for me is all about creativity and resourcefulness. I focus on inventing recipes that are in season, mostly vegetables, and as local as possible. It is my philosophy that baking is the quickest way to get people to love and admire you, so here I am, trying my hardest to make that happen. 

I was born into the glorious and cold land of the midwest in Madison Wisconsin.  I've lived in Boston and New York, and now lay my head in Portland Oregon. So it makes sense I'd start food blogging and obsessively posting to instagram right? I am currently getting my Master's Degree in Business at Pinchot University with a focus on Sustainable Food and Agriculture. I'm passionate about local food and eating joyfully. I like to travel, and hike and throw elaborate dinner parties. One day I'd like to launch a cookie empire. 


eating enthusiast 

I absolutely love eating. Seriously. And I think I'm pretty good at it. Eating a meal can be one of the most joyful parts of life. Yet so many of us eat in such a rushed and distracted way its almost impossible to truly enjoy food. 

We spend so much time worried about the contents of a meal and almost no time practicing the technique of actually eating. My own journey started after encountering the concept of Mindful Eating through Author Jan Chozen.  Since then I've been slightly obsessed with the subject and I've been reading and practicing extensively. I've learned it can be both a very difficult to fully implement and an extremely rewarding practice to bring to your life. I'm making it my mission to bring this practice to more lives, because I know it can help people adopt much healthier and joyful relationships with food. 

What You'll Get by learning how to mindfully eat

Throughout this blog I will share my own experience implementing mindful eating in my life, and also will help friends and followers adopt the principles of mindful eating, not as a 'diet' or a medical intervention (I'm not a dietitian or psychologist), but as joyful, personal weekly advice and stories. 

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